Join us THIS SATURDAY 3/31/18 for a super fun night of music at The Mint LA!! When we first booked a show at The Mint 4 years ago we were THRILLED! We couldn’t believe The Mint booked us, they gave us a 7:30 slot on a Saturday afternoon and the sun was still up when we performed! We brought a crowd of our friends and we were crazy happy with how the night (afternoon maybe?) turned out! Since then our relationship with The Mint has grown and grown and the place feels like a home for our band. This coming Saturday night is very exciting for two different reasons:

  1. It’s our EP Release party! Acoustic Sessions is here and we are SO EXCITED to share it with you!
  2. It’s Mint booker, Scott Reifman’s 40th birthday party, and WE are HIS band! Scott will be joining us onstage for a set and we will be ROCKING out with him! We have some fun tunes worked out, this isn’t your typical R&C set list!


Buy your tickets in advance by visiting!

If you aren’t in Los Angeles and can’t make it to the party don’t worry! Our EP will be available online wherever you purchase your online music! Or visit our online store for a physical copy!

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