Bad News Never Had Good Timing..

As a lot of you know R&C singer Jenny has been battling Stage IV Breast Cancer for 3 years. After last years IV chemo we had hoped Jenny would be stable for a good long while. Unfortunately her cancer is extremely aggressive and has come back and spread around her body once more. She will be receiving chemotherapy and getting a surgery on her right hip soon to secure the femur bone so it doesn’t break from cancer weakening the bone. The doctors are confident that this treatment will once again work and buy her more time until we finally find a CURE for this disease!

Until we do, Jenny needs help! Jenny’s family and friends provide her with as much support as possible but after three years fighting the need for financial help is only increasing as people’s ability to keep helping is decreasing. If you find it in your heart and have the ability to donate we would GREATLY appreciate it. We will continue to gig as much as we possibly can and you better BELIEVE that our sophomore album will be completed as soon as possible! We are currently scheduling our recording dates for pedal steel and keys and background vocals ohhh myyyy!!


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